Fixing the Unfixable when disaster strikes.

Often times fire, smoke, water damage and vandalism can make a piece of treasured furniture look like it is beyond saving. As an owner of a Furniture Medic franchise since 2003 I am often confronted with seemingly impossible repairs. For more information about work I’ve done and samples of repair visit my website: Appearances can be deceiving, many times fine wood furniture that has been damaged can be repaired for much less than it would cost to replace the piece. Not only does this lower insurance claim costs, it can also bring comfort and reassurance to the victims of a disaster. Many professionals involved in the claims and repair industries have seen the deep attachment that clients form with their personal possessions. It is not merely the utilitarian replacement of a place to sit and eat, but the table and chairs are representing the memories and family pleasures that have been built over the years. Families are often thrilled to learn a favorite piece of family furniture can be rescued to their household. 

As seen in the above photos the cabinets have been badly burned in a fire (click on the photo to enlarge). These cabinets on their own are considered replaceable, but are part of an entire kitchen. In addition the homeowner does not want to simply replace this set because there are lots of memories that have been created in this kitchen. The adjuster would have to look at replacing the entire kitchen with the same style and quality.
Professional furniture repair has ever improving techniques which allow a technician the ability to make precision repairs to severely damaged wood. In the following photo the same burned cabinets are shown after the repair has been completed. In this case a wood finish has been imitated and sealed to inhibit the smoke odor, then new end panels were added matching the existing pattern, color and sheen of the cabinets. Smoke odors can be effectively sealed; water and smoke damage can be repaired to pre-loss conditions.

The insured is pleased because they have not had to replace and entire kitchen that has contributed to their family history. The insurer is able to look at a few hundred dollars in repairs instead of having to look at thousands of dollars to replace the entire kitchen.
Finishes, scratches, nicks, chips and peeling veneer can almost always be repaired by professionals. Furniture that has had significant damage such as a leg or other element totally destroyed can be restored by finishing and staining a replacement piece. 
Fixing the unfixable is a specialty of Furniture Medic; we realize that insurance adjusters need their claims completed quickly and that’s why we do whatever it takes to get a repair estimate to the insurance company within 24 hours. Most repairs can be completed onsite helping to eliminate the loss of use time a client will experience. This quick, reliable and expert service has proven to make both the carriers and the customers more satisfied when the disaster is cleared away. On top of all this now the favorite family memories have been restored. 
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