Description of Before and After Photos

This Hoosier Cabinet is circa 1915. It had been left on the customers outside porch for several decades. The lead paint was peeling, several of the plywood end pieces had warped and delaminated, the doors and drawers had twisted and broken, and the roll top had completely broken. This piece was completely stripped to the bare wood (poplar), broken panels rebuilt and re-glued, roll top remade, stained and finished. Color toning was used to give the piece some age look when finished. 

Walnut side chair circa 1883. Chair is an example of a fine quality dining room chair that has been re-canned and over coated. The over coating process takes a pieces and provides a through cleaning, stains are applied to cover nicks and scratches, then a new coat of finish is applied to seal the piece.

Victorian Sofa from the late 19th century. This sofa had been left in a horse barn for years. Every joint was broken, all upholstery was torn and infested with all types of vermin. All upholstery was completely removed. All original wood was restored and used again in the restored version of the piece. Wood was re-stained and finished with color toning used to add patina to the piece. A local upholsterer did the upholstery work for this piece.

Large Mahogany conference table. Table was completely stripped and refinished in the clients conference room. Water based stains and finishes were used so there is very low odor, and work could be done with very little disruption in the work place.

Burled Walnut chest of drawers from the late 19th century. Piece was involved in a fire causing a significant smoke damage and odor. It also was drenched with water from the fire crew and sat in the humidity for several days before it was dried. Chest was stripped to the bare wood, Sealed to create a barrier from smoke odor, stained and finished.

Family heirloom chair over 250 years old. It had fallen into significant disrepair, lost all of it original finish and had received a lot of abuse. Chair was stripped to the wood, stained and finished to the customers desired appearance. 

Maple Kitchen cabinets which were burnt from a stove fire in the kitchen. Insurance adjuster would normally have to replace the entire set of upper cabinets, possibly the entire set of cabinets if they could not be matched. In this case all cabinets were sealed to inhibit smoke odor, two cabinets were re-faced with maple veneer and three side panels were replaced with new plywood finished to match existing color and sheen.

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