Furniture Medic knows how important it is to keep our customer's happy!
I will be your eyes and ears during the entire claims process.

Your customers look to you to deliver their
precious belongings safely to their new
destination. When mishaps occur, count on
me to be your eyes and ears by
providing clear and timely inspection reports
as an alternative to costly replacement.
As a skilled professional I meticulously
restore furnishings to like-new condition;
a service your customers will appreciate for
their cherished, often irreplaceable pieces.


  • Furniture Medic is the largest
furniture repair and restoration
company in the world. With over
500 locations in the United States,
Canada, and the United Kingdom,
  • Furniture Medic’s network of wood
restoration experts are ready to help!
Simply visit

(to you and your customer)

  • Furniture Medic will contact your customer
within 24 hours to set up an appointment.
  • We provide periodic status of the inspection
and repairs until they are completed – never
leaving you out of the loop to wonder if you
customer is taken care of!

Detailed REPORTS

  • Furniture Medic will provide clear, concise,
and standardized reports are submitted to
you at a timely and professional manner.
  • I provide digital photos of the damaged items
which are incorporated into the report for your
easy viewing and decision making.

Understanding the claims process

  • I am familiar with all aspects of the claim requirements.
  • I can also identify pre-existing damage (PED).

CUSTOMER Satisfaction
Tell Furniture Medic Customer Satisfaction Program

Through this helpful online tool, you will
gain valuable insight into how well we are doing our
job. This simple program gives your customers a voice 
and gives you a reliable monitoring report of our service.
Quickly and easily, your customers can grade us on 
everything from courtesy and timeliness to the quality
of our work.

Professional IMAGE

  • All Furniture Medic technicians are
uniformed and skilled representatives.
  • Identified service vehicles are
dispatched to all on-location calls.
  • We pride ourselves in providing prompt,
courteous, and dependable service.

Furniture Medic network of wood restoration experts are ready to help

Phone: (303) 641-4070

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