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After a fire, flood or vandalism loss, people look to bring their environment back to normal. When that loss includes furniture damage, look to Furniture Medic as an alternative to costly replacement. As a skilled professional I am able to meticulously restore wood furnishings, kitchen cabinets, and doors their pre-loss condition. Furniture Medic provides a service your claimants will appreciate for their cherished often irreplaceable pieces.

Could this piece be saved? You might be pleasantly surprised!

Don't immediately assume that fire, smoke, and water damaged furniture must be replaced. As a professional furniture restoration expert can produce significant savings by restoring pieces instead of replacing them. Families are often thrilled to learn a favorite piece of family furniture can be restored. 

As an expert at Furniture Medic I understand just how important it is to you and your family to preserve those pieces that have sentimental value. Wood furniture of high value and good quality are often worth saving. Turn to my expertise to determine whether a piece of furniture can be restored.


  • After a flood, moisture may be trapped under the wood finish creating a "white cloud" effect in the finish. This can often be repaired by the experts in my business without the cost of replacement.
  • Excessive exposure to moisture can cause the finish to separate from the wood surface. This piece can be salvaged with a complete stripping and refinishing to its original condition. 
  • Cracking, Splitting, and Delaminating are common in many water damaged wood furnishings and kitchen cabinets. They can be reveneered, or relaminated. 
  • Water lines can be expertly stained to match and the existing color and finish coat applied without the cost of complete stripping and refinishing. 


  • After a fire, charred and burned pieces of wood furnishings can be removed and reconstructed.
  • Door, face frames, and end panels of kitchen cabinets can be restored and color-matched to its pre-loss condition.


  • Scratches, dents, and gouges as a result from vandalism claims can be restored through Furniture Medics exclusive Precision Repair method.

Important factors to consider
Is the furniture part of an expensive set?
Is the piece an heirloom or an antique?

If only one part of the set is damaged, the cost-savings is tremendous to restore this piece only instead of replacing the entire set, Customers who have heirlooms or antiques already have sentimental emotions attached to furnishings that simply cannot be replaced.

We are committed to your success!

Our network of Furniture Medics have committed to quality standards to ensure that your customers will be satisfied. The following are commitments we make to you on every job.
  • Helping you close the file-satisfaction guarantee- we do it right the first time, or we do it over.
  • Keeping Happy Customers-Through helpful online tools, you will gain valuable insight into how well I am doing my job. This simple program gives your customers a voice and gives you a reliable monitoring report of our service. Quickly and easily, your claimants can grade us on everything from courtesy and timeliness to the quality of our work.

Furniture Medic network of wood restoration experts are ready to help!

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